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Your private taxi arrives at the hotel. With a warm smile, the manager leads you to your villa. You are enchanted by what you see. The luxurious villa has a Bali-inspired décor with high ceilings, batik and spacious terras offering memorable views of the luscious garden and tropical pool. Local marmer and tropical wood finishings add an elegant touch.

Your eyes close gently in the relaxing whim of the day and you recall all the day’s wonderful activities. Shopping at charming boutiques and open-air markets. Visiting the pristine white beach with the most beautiful sunrise of Bali. Breathing in the aroma of street food as motorbikes zoom around you. Watching the daily balinese offerings in their serene temples.

It is time for dinner and you head back to the hotel’s restaurant, where you settle into a traditional balinese gazebo pavilion with beautiful woodcarvings. Relaxing degung music will entertain you while you enjoy cuisine prepared with fragrant spices.

Now for something which you’ve been looking forward to all day. You check into the hotel’s spa. You indulge in the traditional balinese massage to quiet the mind, balance the energy and invigorate the senses.

As you lay in the spa suite relishing the feeling of utter bliss, you feel truly grateful for all the pleasures you’ve experienced today. And it all began at the exquisite Klumpu Bali Resort in Sanur.


Klumpu Bali Resort brings to our guests a simple yet meaningful place where visitors and guests are able to break away from the frantic pace of daily life and experience true inner peace…that is essentially the elixir of life.

Romantic, Decorative, Convenient & Charming… Klumpu Bali Resort is not just a resort, but a second home re-imagined in a beautiful exotic dream. Perfect for both couples and families as well for those looking for a small romantic resort getaway, ideally located in the heart of Sanur, just a 200 meter walk to the main street and a 500 meter walk to the pristine white beach.

Klumpu means in the balinese language a rice granary building, in the indonesian language it is called a lumbung. The ‘ lumbung ‘ is a distinctive feature of Sasak architecture and is part of Bali’s unique cultural heritage.
Traditionally used to store rice under the protection of the goddess Dewi Sri, lumbungs are now seldom used because farming techniques have changed.

The 8 charming villa’s are completely hand crafted by local wood workers and represent the traditional lumbung style.The villas are equipped with today’s luxury and blends perfect together with the romantic shape of the traditional building technics.Extensive glass windows and sliding doors provide a light, airy feel which is complimented by cool marble floors, balinese sirap (wooden) roofings, stylish décor and a fully equipped kitchen.
This enveloping natural scene also comes with modern luxuries such as flat screen TV with 60 national and international channels. Stay connected with your home country with our Dutch, French, German, English and Australian TV channels. A built-in mediaplayer enjoys you with Bali documentaries or choose one of the latest releases of more then 300 HD movies. Get connected with our free WIFI connection in your villa or from your sun terrace that is decked out with hand carfed teak furniture.

All villas are situated around the 18 meter lagoon shaped swimming pool with a refreshing natural waterfall.Fresh seafood, Indonesian and western dishes are served at the gazebo restaurant, which is open all day.

Whenever you would like to escape to your own little place, to a beautiful little hideaway where you can relax and be yourself. A quiet retreat where all your senses can be pampered – Come stay with us.